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PostSubject: THE ILLUMINATI charter   Fri Sep 14, 2012 6:31 pm

The charter of THE ILLUMINATI is in place to protect all of our members. The charter will lay out the structure of the alliance government. The charter will be more then a document but a law binding contract between the alliance members and their government.
All members of the alliance will show respect to one another including to diplomats and other guests. No member may declare war on another nation with out permission from the minister of defense or the secretary general. Members must be active on the forums at least once a week.
The alliance government is to be a democracy. Once every three months elections will be held to elect the members of the governments. All government positions are elected but a office called the Former's.

Secretary General- Is head of the alliance government. The person who holds this office sets the course for the alliance and is the face of the alliance. All treaties must be approved by the secretary general. The secretary general is commander in chief of the alliance forces and must approve any wars or military actions.

Secretaries Cabinet- The cabinet is appointed by the secretary general and approved by council. The cabinet will consist of a Minister of foreign affairs, minister of defense and minister of interior. The cabinets role will vary depending on the amount of responsibility each secretary general vest in each cabinet member.

General Assembly- All alliance members will make up the General Assembly. The General Assembly votes on impeachments, treaties, rules, laws, declaring war and banning members. In order for something to pass the General Assembly it must have a simple majority.

                                                  Amending the Charter & Impeachment
Impeachment- Any government official may be impeached. In order for a government official to be impeached they must be found guilty of breaking a law or not performing their duties. Any member may call for the impeachment a government official. After a 24 hour debate period their will be a 48 hour voting period. If a majority of the votes go too impeachment that official will be stripped of their position.

In order to amend the charter their must be a majority vote of the General Assembly and full support of the current secretary general and their cabinet.
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